Wooden and Bamboo Products

PIP Wooden products are made from 100% natural birch tree wood. Birch wood is hard and durable making it suitable for the production of cutleries. All our wooden products are manufactured from forests with responsible management. PIP wooden cutleries have smoothened surface, offering a pleasant experience for the user.

PIP Bamboo products are made from naturally harvested Bamboo plants. Bamboo wood is very robust, while the plants grow fast and no replanting is required, as regeneration occurs from the existing roots.

PIP Wooden and Bamboo tableware are produced without any chemical additives, they are compostable and biodegradable in natural conditions, making them an eco-friendly alternative for single use products.

Wooden Fork 16cm
Wooden Knife 16cm
Wooden Spoon 16cm
Wooden Spoon 11cm
Wooden Ice-Cream Spoon 10.5cm
Wooden Cocktail Fork 8.5cm
Wooden Cutlery Pack 3/1 Fork & Knife 16cm /Napkin
Wooden Cutlery Pack 5/1 Fork & Knife 16cm /Napkin/Toothpick/Salt
Wooden Cutlery Pack 3/1 Fork & Knife 18cm / Napkin
Wooden Cutlery Pack 2/1 Spoon 14cm/Napkin
Wooden Stirrer 14cm
Wooden Stirrer 14cm - Wrapped
Wooden Stirrer 18cm - Wrapped
Wooden Stirrer 19cm
Bamboo Barbeque Skewers 21.5cm
Bamboo Barbeque Skewers 24cm
Bamboo Paddle Skewers ...

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