Sugarcane Pulp Food Containers & Plates

Sugarcane Pulp Containers & Plates:
Sugarcane pulp products are made from Bagasse, the fibrous material remaining after crushing sugarcane to extract sugarcane juice.
Bagasse products have very good properties. They have strong, rigid structure and they are resistant to oils and water. They can sustain low and high temperatures so can be used in the freezer, they are microwavable and ovenable up to 200°C.

Sugarcane pulp products are particularly ecological and environmentally friendly, as:
  • Sugarcane grows very fast, so is a rapidly renewable and widely available resource, with more than 1 billion tonnes harvested every year. While one third of the crop yields sugar products, the other two-thirds left after harvest has little economic value and is largely treated as waste. Utilizing Bagasse for packaging further maximizes the value of the crop and aligns with the principles of a circular economy.  
  • They are a by-product of sugar production, so no additional arable land needs to be occupied.
  • They are compostable. As a plant fiber they decompose naturally in the environment, and they biodegrade in 30-90 days under industrial composting conditions.
  • They are suitable for recycling along with cardboard (as long as they are clean and without any food residue).

Pulp Plate 6'' (15.5cm)
Pulp Plate 7'' (17.5cm)
Pulp Plate 9'' (22.5cm)
Pulp Plate 10'' (25.5cm)
Pulp Plate 10'' (25.5cm) -- 3-compartment
Pulp Hinged Lid Burger Box 15x15cm
Pulp Hinged Lid Rectangular Box 13x18cm
Pulp Hinged Lid Rectangular Box 15x23cm
Pulp Hinged Lid Square Box 20x20cm
Pulp Hinged Lid Square Box 20x20cm 2-compartment
Pulp Hinged Lid Square Box 20x20cm 3-compartment
Pulp Hinged Lid Square Box 23x23cm
Pulp Hinged Lid Square Box 23x23cm 3-compartment
Pulp Microwave Oval Container 500ml
Pulp Microwave Oval Container 700ml
Pulp Microwave Oval Container 850ml
Pulp Microwave Oval Container 1000ml
Pulp Salad Container 32oz
Pulp Salad Container 48oz

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